Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting quiet again... somehow

I never realized how pleasant it is when your Boss is in extended holiday. No pressures, deadlines are met, without your pulse quickening. Its almost joyful really. Alas, with my boss back in town, things are bound to pick up somewhat. Workwise that is. ahahahaha...

Friday, July 08, 2005

whats been going on

Its always interesting to be in a foreign country and hear about news from your country and couldn't help feel saddened that "here we go again..." the South China Morning Post has without failed had an article on things going on at home for the past few weeks, without fail, even landing as a side headline on the front page. Have been reading the blogs of some pundits back home, and I have to agree that the Center must hold.

Here in HK, we just celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the return of HK to China, and the usual events, the official and the unofficial were ho-hum to say the least. Even the annual protest march to Central was attended by something like 21,000 people only, not that many people at all in comparison to last year. Donald Tsang has come around looking like a fresh and confident face representing HK, something that is a bit of a misnomer, because the Donald has been an insider of HK's power circles for quite some time already.

In the local community of Filipinos hear, people are abuzz over a mysterious email that has been making the rounds among the influential community leaders. But of course, the situation back home continues to top everyone's thoughts.