Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Another picture with Bata Reyes Posted by Picasa

Me with Bata Reyes


as well as some of our friends from San Miguel-HK as well as my boss and my colleague Vice Consul Arugay Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm in a cast!

Until I figure out what I want to do with that other blog that I opened, I might as well write stuff here once in a while, and believe me, this is indeed something that should be written.

A couple of weeks ago, while rushing to the parking lot of our office, in order to make it in time for a god-forsaken radio program I was supposed to host, I accidentaly slipped on the slick white marble staircase of the bldg., which obviously led to what my doctor calls a micro-fracture and which therefore has led me to wear a "light" plaster cast on my left leg for the last two weeks.

Aside from the fact that it impairs my mobility (I can't really imagine going to see a movie or going out to the park to do my usual shtick bec. I can't really move around) I am utterly dependent on my family to help me about. Fortunately, I've managed to slowly do things on my own, with the expectation that this cast will be taken out of me by the end of next week (which means, just in time for the ColdPlay concert here in HK).

Now, if I were living in HK island, traveling to and from the office would just be me hailing a cab and away we go to the office. Alas, I live in faraway Lantau island, which means one would have to take a bus to the ferry pier, the ferry, then either a bus or a taxi.

Being in cast has not been fun, but it has its good size. A little acrobatic leaning here and there has gotten me to get certain things done pretty quickly naman. I still walk painfully slow, and I do manage to get to work on my own, although not on a fairly normal working hour mind you. Well, at least it will be gone by the end of next week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Its kinda cliche to publish a new entry on such a day of hearts, but as can be seen from my window side, its anything but cheerful. The Harbour looks downright depressing and there seems to be some rain falling on and off around here. You would think it would be kinda sunny, but alas, that is not the case.

Anyway, its been quite a while since I last wrote. A lot of work, and personnel changes had taken place, plus new people coming in, has made me pretty preoccupied. Suffice it to say, all is well, and that everything seems to be going well with everyone.

Happy Valentines to everyone!